Each participant can bring one or more accompanying people or supporter.
They also have to register for the Crocodile Trophy.
We offer two possibilities:


Accompanying Person without transfers

(own support vehicle)
For supporting and only following the race you will need a 4WD vehicle

AUD  490,-



Accompanying Person with transfers

(transport in official vehicle from the organisation)
For saving the costs of a rental 4WD car we offer the possibility to take
a lift in one of the official vehicles like the depot car.      

AUD  790,-


the entry fee includes

during the event from 14th till 20th of October

from 15th to 20th of October (6am to 7am)
includes cereals, jam, bread, spreads, cheese, ham, eggs, fresh fruit, tea and coffee.



from 14th to 20th of October (1pm – 3pm)
includes, bread, ham, cheese, fresh fruits and pasta.


from 14th to 19th of October (6pm – 7pm)
includes, salads, pasta, rice  or potatos, red or white meat or fish and fresh fruits.


Tour program
Crocodile Trophy T-Shirt


Luggage Transport  
luggage during the event


Medical service
Medical service from 7am until 7pm.

BUS Shuttle          
from Port Douglas to Cairns on 20th of October



Cancellation before the 30th of April you get back the paid entry fee less 10 % processing fee.
Cannellation after 1st of May you keep the entry fee (amount of payment) for the Crocodile Trophy 2019.

4WD Hire

Our partner METEOR CAR RENTAL will help you with all the questions
for car rentals in Australia.