Mountainbike and spare parts

Each participant has to bring a complete bike. One set of spare wheels, spare parts and tools are recommended.

There will be two bike mechanics who service bikes after a stage if required. They will have basic and very generic spare parts with them. The bike service is included in the race entry fee; should you require spare parts and they are available, you'll have to pay those.

We generally recommend that you bring spare parts that are specific to your bike with you. Ask your bike dealer for special parts and repair kit for your bike and suspension.


Recommended spare parts

Derailler hanger
Spokes for special wheels
Tubeless valves
Latex for tubeless tires
Chamois creme
Cleats for your clipless pedals
Brake pads
Spare parts for your disc brakes (eg discbrake hose)
Batteries for your computer and heart rate compter should be new
Not all spare parts will be available in the outback


Camping Equipment

Be aware of temperatures dropping to 10° Celsius during the night. You have to bring your own camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag and mat). You need a plate, a cup and cutlery as well.


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