Stage 4

19th SEPT 2017
Tepon - Skybury - 122 km / 1450 m

Hold on to your horses as, after the neutralized section on the road, the fourth stages immediately starts with a climb. A bit further, you will follow a very rough trail along the power lines with extremely steep downhills and climbs. Please be very careful when going down. Jumping the water bumps will most likely lead to a nasty crash. Staying on the bike here would be a victory on it‘s own.

After 15 km the track towards Watsonville gets easier again. Past the first feed station and the turn off to Hales Sliding, it gets a bit rougher again with some difficult sections just after the old and abandoned mining village Stannary Hills. The road into Mutchilba, where you will get to the second feeding station is easy compared to what you had before. Once you cross Walsh River you‘ll get, apart from some rougher tracks around Northcote, mostly good rolling surface under your tires.
The finish at the magnificent Skybury Coffee is not far away now and you can soon enjoy a well deserved coffee.