Open from 15th of December 2016 till 31st of August 2017  
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team or sponsor)
Support with LIFT or OWN vehicle
own support vehicle (AUD 490.-)  
lift in an official vehicle (AUD 790.-)  
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  Additional Packages

Tent Service
Tent (2,40 x 2,40 x 2,20)
camping bed included
inclusive set up and take down
advantages: enough place for your luggage, better regeneration in a camping bed, less excess luggage on your flight, 6 nights from17th till 22nd of Sept.

enough place for your luggage,
better regeneration in a camping bed,
less excess luggage on your flight.

AUD 295.-   DOUBLE USE per person
      I will share the tent with
(Name of the person):
Luxury Package

The number of luxury packages is limited by accommodation available in the stage towns
The luxury packages is an additional fee added to the normal entry fee.
The luxury package includes the following service:
6 nights in Hotel/ Motels / Holiday villages starts in
Atherton on the 23.10. and finishes on the 29.10 in Mossman.
1 x dedicated driver per vehicle
The vehicles are mini busses or pickups
Rider bag delivered and collected from the accommodation.
Personal transport between the start/ finish, race village and accommodation.

AUD  1.550,00 p.P.   Price for luxury package single use     
AUD  1.130,00 p.P.  

Price for luxury package double use   

I will share the room with
(Name of the person):

Pre Event Hotel Package - Paradise Plams Resort

  coming soon!
  Registration will be confirmed officially after full payment. I hereby declare my acceptance of the conditions laid down by the organiser of the 23rd Crocodile Trophy 2017. The foregoing is subject to change without prior notification. The organizer reserves the right to make changes to enhance the quality or safety of the race. I realise that the promoters, organizers and sponsors will take absolutely no responsibility for damages and injuries, which the competitor suffers. I explicitly state that I will make no claim whatsoever against those referred to in case of damage or injury. I am familiar with the conditions of participation and valid rules and accept them. In addition I agree to the publication of photos and film of the completion. I certify with my signature that participation is at my own risk and I am sufficiently insured against consequences resulting form accidents. The registration is valid and obligatory as soon as the registration form is transferred to the organizers completely filled and signed. I declare expressly that I have read and accepted the directions, regulations and conditions.